We don’t just read your book out loud; we tell your story.

Voxmasters Concept

At Voxmasters, we surveyed the marketplace and saw an underserved market share: audio books for Christian authors.

Joseph Courtemanche, our founder, is an author, blogger, and member of American Christian Fiction Writers. He understands how hard it is to get your work ready for the marketplace, and to have it presented as you envisioned it in your creative process.


Voxmasters is a consortium of professional voice artists who are Christian believers. We come from diverse backgrounds and religious experiences, as well as a wide variety of the performing arts. We know that having a fellow Christian tell your story brings an additional layer of depth and praise to the recording. Our goal is to provide a high quality, low-cost, service exclusively to Christian authors.


A unique aspect of our service is our audition policy: We will provide a ten minute, or one chapter (whichever is smaller) audition for you by one of our artists prior to commencing the job at no cost. We know that once you hear us bring your work to life you’ll be sold on our quality and performance.


 By utilizing the author in the production process, we are able to keep your costs low: as much as a 75% reduction from what you might pay for other professional voice-over artists.

Because we share a common faith, we bring a more thorough understanding of your story, Christian history, your intent, and your characters, to the final product. This will breathe life into your work (fiction or nonfiction) that simply isn’t present when others handle the work.


As professionals with decades of recording experience, we are able to turn the product around quickly and with a level of quality that allows you to take the finished files to the audio book service of your choice, ready for final production.


We know you will have questions about our process, and so we’ve outlined a bit of it for you on the Technical Specifications page.


It is our hope that you will prayerfully reflect on the opportunity this service presents to you in bringing His word to the world.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Joseph Courtemanche