We don’t just read your book out loud; we tell your story.


Voxmasters motto is: “We don’t just read your book out loud; we tell your story.” There is an art to narration and story telling and we are masters of that art. There are a great number of technical aspects to what we do, and we'd like to present an overview of what the process is, and what is required of you, to get started recording your book.

Please note: Voxmasters work is a buy-out situation. Once you have made your payment in full, you retain all rights to the work in perpetuity. We do not retain rights to the work, recording, or obligations of any sort from the author except proper credit for the recording being made on the final product, including (but not limited to): website descriptions, cover material, download notes. 

All audio books produced by Voxmasters must be accredited to both Voxmasters, LLC and the recording artist unless otherwise specified prior to time of recording commencing.


Voxmasters will record both fiction and nonfiction works. This includes, but is not limited to: devotionals; novels; biographies; educational material; children's stories; theological works; and self-help books . 

Voxmasters is here to record your Christian story. We will accept works that fall within our Biblical beliefs. We will entertain non-religious works as well, but subject to our board's approval. Voxmasters reserves the right to decline any work without explanation.


Works of a sexually suggestive or pornographic nature will not be considered for recording, nor will religious works outside of mainstream, Triune God focused Christianity. or Judaism be considered. 

Voxmasters must have proof that you are the author of the work, and that no other author’s rights to publication are held in conflict.


Your work is confidentially handled and will not be used as a demonstration unless you grant us that privilege. None of your files, printed content, or recorded work will be shared with anyone except the author.


The first step is for the author to present a completed work. 

Only finished manuscripts will be considered by Voxmasters. We do not wish to record rough books and then try to correct them before they go to print. We suggest waiting until you have your final galleys, or the final version ready for upload to Kindle (or other publication services.)  All revision work will be done at the rate of $300.00/finished hour. 

Authors must prepare the manuscript to our technical standards, print out the manuscript, and deliver it to our narrator prior to our commencing the recording portion of the project.


We require that the author submit a proposal similar to the one used to pitch the book so that our story tellers understand the author’s narrative. It aids us in performing the work and bringing your book to life.


All manuscripts must follow this technical format: 


Microsoft word document


16 point Times New Roman Font


1&1/2 line spacing


1 inch margins.


Authors must present an mp3 recording of unique names, places, products, or non-standard English pronunciations prior to our recording the work. Research will be charged at the rate of $200/hr by Voxmasters in the event we find words we are not familiar with in the manuscript.


Each individual character’s point of view should be noted for our narrator in a margin note utilizing editor’s brackets. (POV shifts require different phrasing/tone and it is vital for the author to help us with this aspect.)


Each unique voice used in dialogue should be color coded with highlighting. This allows our narrators to shift between points of view and character voices rapidly, reducing the amount of rehearsal required. (This is one of the ways we keep our costs low.) A character key linked to names and colors is also required. 

As an example:

Jane pressed against the window of the small cottage, speaking through the open upper half, "Eric, if you don't open the door for Mommy you'll never see your video games again."

Eric smiled and returned to playing with his toys. "But, Mommy, I don't like video games."





Voxmasters will provide either 1 chapter as a demonstration, or a 10 minute recording of the material in that chapter, at our discretion.


Voxmasters will submit the audition work to the author free of charge, no strings attached. It will serve as your sample of our work. We are confident you will retain us to do the work.


Voxmasters will require ½ of the total fee before beginning work. Upon completion of the work, final payment in full will be required before delivering the audio files to the customer. 


1.  All Voxmasters projects will be recorded at studio quality. We will produce the highest quality audio files for our customers. All files will be delivered in MP3 format via FTP, USB memory stick, or DVD as determined by the recording artist. and the customer.


2.  Voxmasters final product will be in accordance with the missed word rate of major audio book companies or better. (Approx 99.95 accuracy)


3.  Voxmasters will produce work quickly and accurately for a fair price.  Average turn around time for an 80,000 word work will be three weeks.



Voxmasters reduces costs by involving the authors more deeply in their own project than other services. We tell your story and you quality check the work, eliminating paid listeners. You will have ten days following our delivery of the finished work to listen to the work and proof our copy. We strive for 100% accuracy, but as humans there are occasionally omissions and errors. Any mistakes will be re-recorded within ten days without charge.



A discount of 25% will be given to any author who requests a new recording of an existing work already delivered by Voxmasters. We realize that occasionally a publisher will buy an independently pulbished work and ask for major revisions. This will be a complete rework of the original book and not a revision of selected parts.


Works requiring more than 1 recording artist will be done at 1.75 times the normal rates.


Voxmasters will provide pricing upon request for your project. Please send an email to:


or give us a call at 612-801-7325. .

We are all professional voice over/recording artists, and we know from long experience that professional voices produce a professional product. All of our artists are believers, and each has been using their voice professionally for a minimum of ten years. We look forward to being part of your book's success.